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Company Profile

Longfian Scitech Co.,Ltd, located in No.401,4th Floor,Block 1,Building 1 College Tech. Zone,No.5699 North Second Circle Road, Baoding,Hebei, 071051,China.The company has first-class professional management personnel and research&development technical team, with their own product development capabilities, mainly engaged in medical molecular sieve oxygen concentrator as well as assorting the development of electronic products, now has a variety of standard models and a variety of uses oxygen concentrator, has successfully developed JAY-1, JAY-2, JAY-3, JAY-5, JAY-6, JAY-8, JAY-10 type normal pressure medical oxygen concentrator, JAY-10-4.0, JAY-15-4.0, JAY-20-3.5 with 0.14 ~ 4KG pressure of high-pressure oxygen concentrator, industrial oxygen concentrator and ozone generator etc.; The product of JAY-5 has got EU's CE certificate, ISO certificate and FDA certificate, and exported to the United States, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, India, Singapore, Turkey, Thailand etc. more than 160 countries and regions, enjoy a high reputation in Foreign markets

In recent years, the company has joined OEM companies and developed some related medical products for the demands of market, especially for pulse oximeter, SPO2&Blood pressure monitor, SPO2&ECG monitor, syringe pump, infusion pump, etc.

Our goal is "PROFESSIONAL IN QUALITY, FOCUS ON RESPIRATORY PRODUCTS ", to meet the demands of various specialists of medical field and continue to bring you not just the innovative equipment but also the most reliable, long-lasting & quality products.