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        Longfian Scitech Co.,Ltd, located in No.401,4th Floor,Block 1,Building 1 College Tech. Zone,No.5699 North Second Circle Road, Baoding,Hebei, 071051,The company has first-class professional management personnel and research&development technical team, with their own product development capabilities, mainly engaged in medical molecular sieve oxygen concentrator as well as assorting the development of electronic products, now has a variety of standard models and a variety of uses oxygen concentrator, has successfully developed JAY-1, JAY-2, JAY-3, JAY-5, JAY-6, JAY-8, JAY-10 type normal pressure medical oxygen concentrator, JAY-10-4.0, JAY-15-4.0, JAY-20-3.5 with 0.14 ~ 4KG pressure of high-pressure oxygen concentrator, industrial oxygen concentrator and ozone generator etc.; The product of JAY-5 has got EU's CE certificate, ISO certificate and FDA certificate

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                    Super Safe

                    Automatic monitoring of oxygen concentration, temperature alarm...

                    Super Stable

                    24H*365D no decrement in oxygen concentration, accumulative timing...

                    Super Quality

                    International standard quality system control, professional R&D and production team, high-end...

                    Super Praise

                    The products were exported to more than 160 countries in the past 10 years.