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Oxygen sensor is mainly used to detect the oxygen concentration which is produced by molecular sieve oxygen concentrator. There are some features  of our oxygen concentration detection device, such as simple structure, swift response and high measuring accuracy.

The high/low oxygen concentration indicating device of our lambda sensor can be designed as an indicating lamp or a real-time digital display according to customer's preference. So far, our company has successfully produced customized oxygen sensors for many famous oxygen concentrator manufacturers. We are looking forward to your negotiations and cooperation.

Technical Parameters
Accuracy ±3%
Max. Pressure 138Kpa
Max. Flow 15 liters/minute
Power DC6V/DC18V/0.04 watts
Size 95×58×28mm
Weight 60g
(1) Indicator#1: Red with LED display for oxygen concentration below 82% (Available for customization)
(2) Indicator#2: Blue with LED display for oxygen concentration of or above 82% (Available for customization)
(3) USRT port supporting oxygen concentration signal output

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